Benefits of physical activity

Physical activity or exercise has a lot of health benefits. We will discuss how these benefits work together to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 1.    Prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes During exercise, the muscle cells contract and absorb blood sugar. This effect can continue after exercise for more than 24 hours. […]

Learn how to use the Viedial App to set your health goals

Viedial App

Step one Sign in to the Viedial App Step two  Go to the menu and click on “Set Your Goals”. Step three Enter how much weight you want to lose per week and click on “set”. Step four  The Viedial App will display how long it will take you to achieve your “ideal” weight. Click […]

Factors that make women of African descent prone to prediabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Biologically, a woman has different life stages that are determined mainly by her reproductive hormones and reproductive roles. These stages are mainly, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and menopause. The reproductive hormones and how they interact with other hormones, especially insulin can affect the way the body’s metabolism and make women prone to pre-diabetes.  In addition, at […]

About Viedial Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program

The Viedial Diabetes Prevention program is a life-long program for women of African descent with pre-diabetes. The program has the following phases; To help you achieve these goals, we will help you understand how your current life stage (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and menopause) and your current circumstances (workload, child care, budget) affect you and your […]