Midnight Snack

Can I still enjoy a midnight snack? Find out.

There is so much hype about eating late. Although, there is evidence that insulin resistance is more likely to occur with meals taken late in the evenings and nights.

Eating or snacking late at night may fit into some people’s lifestyle or health needs better. So late-night snacking is not necessarily off-limits but making the right healthy snack choices is very important.

What are your alternatives?

It is not out of place to feel hungry even after dinner, but drinking a glass of water first is recommended as thirst sometimes can pass off as hunger.

However, if after this, you are still feeling hunger pangs, go for high fiber or protein snacks like yogurt, veggies, or nuts. 

Meanwhile, if you are on medications that lower blood sugar and feel the need to munch on snacks to give your blood sugar level a boost through the night. It is advisable to speak to your doctor to review your medications or ask for recommendations on a meal plan.

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