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Domestic violence could cause more than a heartbreak!

Domestic violence could cause more than a heartbreak!

One in three women in the world have experienced violence from an intimate partner- a husband or boyfriend.

 Domestic violence is usually associated with acute emotional trauma that can be described as that crushing feeling of heartbreak! This feeling can actually linger for a long time.

Unfortunately, sometimes, it can be more than a feeling of heartbreak! The heart may actually be broken!

 Acute and long-term emotional trauma have been linked to a condition called “Broken Heart Syndrome”, also known as “Takotsubo syndrome”. This condition affects mostly women who are between 58 and 75 years old.

 Domestic violence has been identified as one of the stressors that contribute to Broken Heart Syndrome in women. 

Broken Heart syndrome causes the left ventricle which is the main part of the heart that pumps blood to become weak and abnormally large. This makes the heart unable to pump blood very well. 

 Common symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome are;

●     Severe chest pain

●     Shortness of breath

●     Dizziness

●     Irregular heartbeat

 Besides, domestic violence, other key stressors that may cause Broken Heart Syndrome are loss of a loved one, financial loss, accident, sudden surprise, illness etc.

The good news is that Broken Heart Syndrome may not last for a long time if identified early….recovery is possible.

This is one more reason to watch out for the women in our lives. If you know a woman who has experienced domestic violence or a stressor recently, refer her to Viedial. We are happy to help!


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